Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees: How do you Avoid Them in 2021?

If you’re like me, then at some point in your life, you’ve been on a flight and had to deal with the nightmare that is baggage fees. I would say it’s almost inevitable when flying Spirit Airlines because they charge for everything from carry-on luggage to checking bags.

The low-cost airline, Round-trip flights on American Airlines, were as low as $12. However, luggage fees may bring the cost of what might otherwise be a cheap flight to more than $100.

Lucky for us travelers, there are ways we can avoid these ridiculously high fees and still fly without sacrificing our items or clothing! Here are some tips on how to avoid or reduce baggage fees when flying Spirit Airlines.

But before we go over baggage fees for Spirit Airlines, know that Why Do airlines have baggage fees and what is Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy?

Why do airlines have baggage fees?

The real reason the airline levies bag fee is to make money. They know that baggage fee are not popular with consumers, but it’s a way to generate more revenue in their business model and ultimately increase the price of tickets when passengers purchase them without baggage included in the price. Some baggage fees are refundable, but most aren’t.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees How Do You Avoid Them
Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees How do you Avoid Them ( Image Credit: Sprit Airlines)

What is Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy?

Before you know it, you’ll be wondering, “How Can I Avoid Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees?” It’s important to understand Spirit Airlines’ baggage policies because the luggage policy is essential for passengers.

Here are Spirit Airlines’ baggage fees for Personal items, carry-on baggagechecked baggage.

1. Spirit Airlines policy for Personal items.

Personal items that can fit under the seat in front of you (for Example, purse, small backpack, etc.) are free and cannot exceed 18″ x 14″x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm”), including handles and wheels. The Below items are considered Personal Items.

  • Strollers and car seats
  • Camera
  • Necessary prosthetic devices (for Example, crutches and canes)
  • Guest assistive devices
  • Food to eat on the plane
  • Infant or child car seats when a child is carried in the seat
  • Outer garments such as coats, hats, and wraps
  • Reading material on flight
  • Umbrella
  • Wheelchairs
  • Infant diaper bag

2. Spirit Airlines baggage fee policy for Carry-on bags.

Carry-ons must not weigh more than 40 pounds, but they cannot be larger than 22″ tall by 18″ wide by 10 “deep inches or (56 x 46 x 25 cm) (including handles and wheels). It would help if you traveled with a carry-on bag when your checked bag cannot be placed on the plane.

3. Spirit Airlines baggage fee policy for Checked bags.

The maximum size of Checked bags should be 62 linear inches or (height + width + length) not to exceed 62 inches (158 cm) and must weigh less than 40 pounds. Suppose you have bags that exceed the maximum baggage weight (40 lbs) or baggage that exceed the maximum size of 62 linear inches. In that case, you will be charged additional fees for each bag.

However, Spirit Airlines do accept baggage that is heavier or larger than the baggage weight and size allowance even if you pay a fee for your baggage.

As per the current policy, any Bags weighing more than 100 pounds (45 kg) or measuring more than 80 inches (203 cm) in combined length, width, and height will not be accepted as checked baggage.

4. Spirit Airlines baggage fee policy for Pets.

Spirit Airlines allows allow small domesticated pets to travel with you on the plane, but they are subject to baggage fees and have conditions attached to … Here are the pets that are allowed in Spirit Airlines.

  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
  • Small household birds (except to/from Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I. )
  • Small domestic rabbits (except to/from Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.)

In the Pets container, Spirit approves and inspects it before allowing it to fit under the passenger seat in front of the animal. (The maximum container size is 18″x14″x9″ (45.72cm x 35.56 cm x 22.86cm).) In terms of overall length, breadth, and height.

5. Spirit Airlines baggage fee policy for Musical Instrument.

Small musical instruments are allowed in the baggage area, but certain conditions must be met. The instrument should fit completely under the seat without having to tilt it at any angle. 

However, you can also buy additional seats to bring your musical instrument. The cost of the extra seat is based on the total fare for the trip. There will be no additional fees imposed. The instrument must be packed in a container/case safe for customers and passengers while preventing any harm to the compartment.

6. Spirit Airlines military baggage policy.

Active Duty military personnel are entitled to two free checked bags and a carry-on bag when they fly with Spirit Airlines. Although this is a minor reduction, it might save you much money over time.

Budget airlines generally charge for all extras, which helps them to offer cheap fares. As a result, you may save money without having to pay for the usual extra expenses as a military member using Spirit’s military ticket deal.

The fact that Spirit Airlines provides any sort of discount to military personnel when their prices are already significantly lower than those of most of their competitors validates the gratitude they have for our service and we greatly appreciate it!

20 Tips for avoiding baggage fees on Spirit Airlines flights

Here are 10 tips that will help or reduce avoid baggage fees on Spirit Airlines! These steps will reduce the stress of having to go through a line at the airport to check your baggage, and it also helps ensure you do not lose out on more money than needed for bags.

1. Check the weight of your baggage before you check-in for your flight.

Always check the baggage weight before leaving for your trip. The baggage weight could be different from when you checked in. This is a good way to ensure your baggage does not exceed the limit and result in a baggage fee!

2. Make sure your baggage meets Spirit Airlines requirements for size before check-in.

Spirit Airlines has very specific dimensions that are taken extremely seriously by its staff members. Make sure your baggage fits the requirements to avoid any problems before you check your baggage!

3. Make sure baggage is labeled.

Marking baggage with bright, easy-to-recognized labels helps ensure that staff members easily spot bags and reduces confusion when checking in for flights. This will help reduce the stress of wondering where your baggage is at the airport!

4. Know baggage allowance for carry-on baggage.

Carrying on baggage is typically free to take with you in the plane’s cabin, but there are strict weight limitations. Make sure your bags meet these requirements, or they will be checked and result in an additional baggage fee!

5. Pack an extra bag to put under the seat in front of you.

If baggage weight restrictions are not followed, the baggage will be checked, resulting in a baggage fee. Pack an extra bag to put under the seat in front of you that can easily fit all your necessary items! This way, it is still free, but this additional baggage will help ensure no issues happen at check-in.

6. Bring a small carry-on so that all of your belongings are with you on board.

If the baggage is checked at the gate, it will result in a baggage fee. Bring a small carry-on that can fit all your necessities to have everything with you on board.

Make sure baggage meets Spirit Airlines’ weight and size requirements for being checked in.

7. Be conscious about what items can be packed into a clear plastic bag, which will allow more space in your checked luggage. 

Do not pack baggage to the top of the weight allowance.

Very heavy packing baggage can result in a higher baggage fee! Ensure your baggage does not exceed the maximum limit; otherwise, you could be paying an additional fee for going over!

Active Duty military personnel are entitled to two free checked bags and a free carry-on bag with United Express.

Because you’re a military member, Spirit Airlines’ Military Deal allows you to save even more money. This is a modest discount, yet it may save you a lot of money in the long run. Budget airlines frequently offer low fares by charging for all optional items. As a result, you can obtain a low-cost ticket without having to pay any.

8. Bring your military documentation when

Make sure to bring your military documentation when you check in for baggage. This will help ensure the baggage fee is waived! If there are any issues, this documentation can help resolve them quickly and easily.

9. Avoid buying anything from airport stores unless it’s essential and can’t be bought once on the plane.

Airport stores are known for charging high prices, so try to avoid buying anything unless it’s essential and can’t be bought once on the plane. This way you do not spend more money than needed!

10. Purchase a “passenger privilege” package if one is available through Spirit Airlines or at another airline website.

If baggage fees are not waived, you can purchase a “passenger privilege” package through Spirit Airlines or at another airline website to avoid baggage charges. This is easy and inexpensive, so it’s worth looking into if baggage fees apply to your flight!

11. Consider paying for priority boarding – this will get you to the gate faster and help avoid long lines at security checkpoints and ticket counters. 

If baggage fees apply to your flight, consider paying for priority boarding. This will get you to the gate faster and help avoid long lines at security checkpoints and ticket counters. If possible, try arriving earlier than usual so that you have more time before takeoff!

12. Fly during off-peak times when fewer people are flying, such as early mornings or late evenings, reducing congestion both inside and outside of airports

It is best to fly during off-peak times, such as early mornings or late evenings when fewer people fly. This will reduce congestion both inside and outside the airports, making baggage handling easier for all passengers!

13. If possible, fly Southwest instead because they have no baggage fees!

If baggage fees are a concern for you, try flying Southwest instead. They do not charge baggage fees! This will save you the trouble of dealing with baggage charges and make your trip much smoother.

14. Use promo codes whenever possible to

Try using promo codes whenever possible. This will help you save money and avoid baggage charges! You can also use these to purchase a “passenger privilege” package that will waive baggage fees! Check out Spirit Airlines for promotions or other airlines websites if they offer the same deal.

15. Pay for baggage during booking.

If baggage fees are unavoidable, it is best to pay for baggage during booking. This will ensure you have already paid when checking in, so the baggage fee isn’t an additional cost!

 16. Don’t reserve seats in advance.

To avoid baggage fees, it is best not to reserve seats in advance. This will help you save money as well as time because no seat assignments are made until check-in!

17. Bring your own snacks and drinks to

Bring your own snacks and drinks to the airport to avoid baggage charges, as well as high food prices at airports. This will help you save a lot of money!

18. Get creative with packing by using compression bags.

If baggage fees apply to your flight, try packing using compression bags and by rolling your clothes. This is a great way to save space as well as avoid baggage charges!

19. Take advantage of free travel apps like Hopper.

Take advantage of free travel apps like Hopper and Skiplagged. These allow you to watch flights for price drops so that baggage fee are avoided! If baggage fees apply, this can save you a lot of money on the overall cost of your trip!  

Skiplagged is an app where you enter your destination and dates; it gives alternative route suggestions using hidden city ticketing, allowing customers to fly directly but with one layover. This helps people avoid baggage charges because they do not have any checked luggage, saving them $$.   

20. Do some research beforehand by looking up prices for flights on different airlines.

By doing some research beforehand, looking up prices for flights on different airlines can help you determine which ones charge baggage fees and which ones do not! This is a great way to save money because it will allow you to avoid baggage charges altogether!

Additional Tips to Avoid Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Are not satisfied with the above tips, then try extra pro tips to avoid baggage fees. Below are the pro tips that will help to avoid Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees.

1. The Spirit Saver Club (Earlier known as the $9 Fare Club)

Join the $49 Fare Club to avoid baggage charges and baggage fees. This will save you a significant amount of money, as well as time, because it waives baggage fees for your first checked bag! Fare Club is a great program that helps baggage fees and baggage charges become a thing of the past!

Here is the cost breakdown for the Membership: 

Spirit Saver$ Club Membership 
Per Member Fee
12 months
18 months
24 months
Spirit Saver$ Club Membership

2. Free Spirit loyalty program

The new Spirit® loyalty program is the best way to save even more money on your flights. With the new program, you’ll earn points faster than ever before and enjoy all kinds of great benefits.

  • For every dollar spent on fares or a La Smarte alternative, you’ll get 6 points and 12 points, respectively.
  • The Spirit points can be redeemed for the fare portion of the trip.

3. Spirit Airlines World Mastercard

Through Free Spirit Credit Card, you can earn 40000 bonus points after making $1000 in purchases within the first 90 days of account opening.

In Addition to this, you will also get A $100 companion flight voucher.

Read More : Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

 4. Use of a general travel card

Several Credit card companies offer Credit cards made specifically for travelers.

Travelers’ credit cards are designed with features to allow you to save money while traveling abroad or domestically by providing superior service, baggage insurance and many other benefits that will prove beneficial during travel.

For your Example, Chase sapphire reserve Credit Card has a robust program for baggage insurance and baggage delay, making it a good choice for travelers.

The Chase sapphire reserve also offers an international concierge service that will provide you with 24/hr support when traveling. While the primary users of this credit card are domestic travelers, there is no limit on how many times you can utilize their services.

You’ll receive $300 in travel credit and a slew of other benefits, including airport lounge access, a Global Entry or T.S.A. PreCheck application credit, and more.

Frequently asked questions about Spirit baggage.

Is there a baggage fee for checking in baggage on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, baggage fees are applied for checked baggage.

How many carry-on items can I bring onboard?

A single item that is no larger than 18 x 14 x eight inches and not heavier than 40 pounds may be brought aboard as a “carry-on.” Personal items such as purses, backpacks or laptop bags must fit in size sizer provided at the gate.

How many free checked bags do I get with the Active Duty military discount from spirit airlines?

Military members can check-in two free baggage items at no charge. This is a great discount and will save you money on baggage fees! However, baggage fees will still apply for any baggage items that exceed the limit.

What time do I need to arrive at the airport for my Spirit Airlines flight?

Spirit recommends arriving one hour before your scheduled departure if you are checking baggage, as lines tend to be longer at this time. One hour before the scheduled departure is also a good rule to follow for baggage drop-off, as it can take up to an hour to get through security and baggage check at busy times.

How strict is Spirit on bag size 2021?

Spirit is very strict on baggage size. Ensure that your bags are within limits, or you will be forced to check them in at additional baggage fees!


Budget airlines can be great for travelers who want to save on baggage fees and baggage charges. Spirit Airlines is one such airline that provides a military discount, which you should take advantage of!

The spirit credit card offer will also help you get free baggage. You’ll also need to arrive at the airport early, so make sure to plan to avoid any delays or troubles when traveling.

Finally, make sure all your baggage fits within size restrictions before arriving at the airport as they are very strict about this rule. If not…you might have some unwanted baggage expenses after all!

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