Is American express blue cash preferred Card worth it in 2021-Detailed Review

If you spend hundreds (or thousands) on supermarkets, gas in the U.S., and more each month, the Blue Cash Preferred Card is the perfect card to maximize the utility of your purchases since it offers you some of the most generous Cashback Rewards.

Although the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card is not metal, it’s still offers an exceptional cashback of 6% for spending at supermarkets and streaming services and 3% Cashback for gas, and 1% Cashback on all other purchases.

However, it has an annual fee of $95, which can be recovered thanks to the generous Cashback Rewards.

Is the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card worth it? This detailed review will help you.

Table of Contents

  1. Card Fees
  2. Benefits
  3. Other Benefits
  4. Drawbacks & Limitation.
  5. Odds of Approval
  6. Best Alternative of this Card
  7. Bottom-line
American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card
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Blue Cash Preferred Card Fees

Amount ($)
Joining Fees
Annual Fees
No Annual Fee is charged for the first year; after that, an Annual Fee of $95 is charged.
Balance Transfer Fees
Foreign Transaction Fees
Introductory APR
0% introductory APR is applicable on purchases made within the first 12 months.
Regular APR
Variable APR is charged (ranging from 13.99-23.99%)

Benefits of Blue Cash Preferred Card

Sign-up Bonus

Blue Cash Preferred Card offers a warmly welcoming sign-up reward of $300 as you spend $3,000 to make purchases using the card within the first 6 months. Hence new cardholders earn a $300 statement credit within the first six months.

$200 Cashback on purchases at

Blue Cash Preferred Card by American Express is one of the best cards for shopping on as it offers a Cashback of $200 to the new cardholders using the cards within the first six months. Using this card, especially on Amazon Prime Day, can help you make the most of what this card offers you on

Lucrative & Generous Cashback Offers

There is a wide range of lucrative & generous Cashback Offers offered to Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express cardholders. Here is a list of the Cashback offers:

  • Earn a Cashback Reward of 6% on Grocery purchases at Grocery stores (up to $6,000 per year in purchases at the U.S. supermarkets, then 1% unlimited cash back is applicable).
  • Earn a Cashback Reward of 6% on purchase on Streaming Services available in the U.S. (including Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Earn a cashback reward of 3% on Transit services that include Taxis, Rideshares, Parking, Tolls, Trains, Buses, and more.
  • Earn a cashback reward of 3% at Gas Stations.
  • Earn a cashback of 1% on all other forms of purchases.

0% introductory APR

The card gives you a year break from any interest since it does not charge you any penny for intro APR for 12 months from the day of account opening. After that period, the regular APR is applicable, variable (ranging from 13.99% to 23.99%).

Other Card Benefits

Car Rental Insurance

When you use your Blue Cash Card to pay for a rental vehicle and decline the collision damage waiver at the rental counter, you may receive secondary auto coverage in an eligible territory.

Global Assist Hotline

When you are traveling a hundred miles or a thousand miles away from home, you get access to coordination and assistance services such as lost passport replacement assistance, translation services, missing luggage assistance, and emergency legal and medical referrals.

Purchase Protection

Purchase Protection protects the cardholder from a probable loss since it covers eligible purchases from damage, loss, or thefts.

American Express Experiences

As a Cardholder of Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express, you get special ticket presale access and invitations to the American Express member-only events.

Drawbacks & Limitations of Blue Cash Preferred Card

$95 Annual Fee

American Express charges you an annual fee of $95, which means you need to use it frequently to recoup the expense after you have benefitted from the generous first-year’s signing bonus. To reach a break-even point on the annual fee, you would pay within a year, and you would need to spend $62 per week on gas or transit.

Superstores and Warehouse Clubs Are Excluded from the Top Cash Back Earnings.

Neither Grocery purchases at superstores like Walmart and Wholesale Clubs like Costco do not qualify for the 6% cashback tier, nor do gasoline purchases at these retailers gasoline qualify for 3% Cashback. Rather than these Cashback rates, you will earn the default 1% Cashback reward at these stores.

American Express Isn’t as Widely Accepted as Visa, Mastercard.

While thousands of merchants often use American Express, its international acceptance level is significantly less than other major card networks like Visa and Mastercard. However, it is accepted by most of the primary streaming services.

Odds of Approval Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express

Is American express blue cash preferred hard to get? Odds of Approval are favorable for the people with a good to excellent Credit Score ( 670 or above). Suppose you have a lower Credit Score, your Odds of Approval slim down to zilt. However, it should be noted that Credit Score alone isn’t enough to qualify for any credit card. Issuers also take into account your income, existing debt, and other relevant information.

Best Alternatives of this Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card is a low maintenance cost card similar to Blue Cash. It offers you a variable range of Cashback Rewards (5% for Travel, 3% for Dine-in & Drugstores, 1.5% on other purchases).

It also offers you a Welcome Bonus of $200 on purchases worth $500 made within the first 3 months of Account Opening.

Discover it Cash back Credit Card

Discover It is a well-known 5% Cashback card that offers you 5% Cashback Rewards on purchases made of $1,500 at different places in each quarter; after that, it offers you an unlimited Cashback Reward of 1%.

One of the most prominent for this card to be considered a better alternative to Blue Cash is the exceptional Customer Care Services offered by them. According to J.D. Power’s Credit Card Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Discover It provides cardholders one of the best Customer Care Services experiences.

Blue Cash vs. Chase Freedom Unlimited vs. Discover It.

Fees & Rates
Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express
Welcome Bonus/Sign-up Bonus
$300 on purchases made worth $3000 within the first six months of account opening.
$200 Cash Rewards Bonus on purchases worth $500 made within first 3 months of Account Opening
Cashback Rewards
Variable Cashback of 6% on Grocery & Streaming Services,

3% Cashback on Transit & Gas Stations, 1% Cashback on other purchases.
Variable Cashback of 5% for Travel, 3% for Dine-in, Drugstores,

1.5% on other purchases.
5% Cashback on purchases up to $1,500 made within the first 3 months of Account Opening,

then 1% unlimited Cashback is Applicable.
Intro APR
0% APR for 12 Months
0% APR for 15 Months
0% APR for 14 Months
Regular APR
Variable 13.99%-23.99%
Variable 14.99-23.74
Variable 11.99%-22.99%
Annual Fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

In this clash of 3 titans i e. Blue Cash Preferred Card American Express , Chase Freedom Unlimited & Discover It, Both Blue Cash & Chase Freedom offer you a great range of variable Cashback Rewards. Blue Cash has an advantage since it provides a higher Cashback Reward of 6% on grocery shopping & streaming services, 3% Cashback on Transit & Gas Stations.

Chase Freedom, on the other hand, offers the new cardholder a Welcome Bonus of $200 on purchase worth $500 within the first 3 months, in contrast to the welcome bonus of Blue Cash ($300), which requires you to spend $3,000 within the first 6 months of account opening.

Discover It has the upper hand as it offers a consistent Cashback of 5% on purchases up to $1,500 made within each quarter. Another upper hand of Discover It is its goodwill of the finest Customer Care Services if offers. However, each of these cards has a limited acceptance internationally compared to Visa Card & Master Card.

What is the average credit limit for American Express Blue Cash?

The Credit limit ranges from  $1,000 to nearly $30,000. Amex does not disclose its minimum or maximum credit limits of its credit card. Credit Limit is decided on basis of an your credit history and annual income, How many credit card you already hold etc..

Blue cash preferred card supermarket list

Here are the list of U.S. Supermarkets, where you can earn additional rewards on supermarket purchases.

  • ALDI
  • Fresh-Direct
  • Gelson’s
  • Hy-Vee
  • Kings Food Markets
  • Meijer
  • ShopRite
  • Smart & Final
  • Stop & Shop
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Vons
  • Whole Foods
  • Winn-Dixie

The above list is not complete, you can check List of supermarket here.

Note : (Superstores, convenience stores, warehouse clubs, and meal-kit delivery services are NOT considered supermarkets.)

Bottom Line: is blue cash preferred worth it?

Is American express blue cash preferred Card worth it in 2021-Detailed Review
American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash is a Cash card that offers you some of the most generous Cashback Rewards (as mentioned above). As can be seen from the above comparison, indeed, it provides you a higher cashback reward in specific categories. Car Rentals, Purchase Protection Plan, and Global Assist Hotline are other added features that make it a good deal.

Editor's Rating:

Even though it charges you an annual fee of $95, the 6% Cashback on purchases up to $6,000 is still worth it.

It does not cover Superstores like Walmart and Warehouse Clubs like Costco. Moreover, it is relatively lesser accepted than a Master Card or a Visa Card, so it’s best to see if the merchants you deal with get it or not?

Do you have Blue cash preferred card American express ? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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